Gentrification in Croydon: addressing the elephant in the room

Seven days after Westfield and Hammerson were given the green light for their £1.4bn transformation of Croydon town centre, the Conservative-led Croydon Council administration of the day proclaimed that ‘Croydon is on the crest of a regeneration wave’. They failed… Continue Reading


Supporting the Taylor Bennett Foundation

In 2008 Taylor Bennett, an executive search firm specialising in communications appointments, established a programme to address the diversity gap in the PR industry, focusing on ethnicity. I have previously written about the lack of diversity in PR and the… Continue Reading


The 2011 Census: PR and the opportunity to engage with diverse Britain

The results of the 2011 Census have just been released by the Office for National Statistics, providing in-depth data about the UK’s ethnically diverse landscape. Although there have been some changes in definition and response categories since the 2001 Census,… Continue Reading


Communicating in Multicultural Britain: The Olympics and beyond

The diversity of London’s cultures is one of the reasons why the city was selected to host the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. I have lived in London all of my life and truly believe that diversity is indeed one… Continue Reading